Blogs to learn by

Blogs in Plain English is a nice you tube video explaining the basics of blogging. This video is basic and easy to follow. It states the premise of using blogs and how they allow anyone to post his or her opinions on any topic. Blogging allows learners to link with other writers and learners. This type of information sharing opens information sharing at your fingertips. The video noted and as free blog sites. I think it is important to follow the blogs as much as possible to obtain informal learning.

Instructional Design

I am going to follow this blogspot as I have just gotten a new job as an instructional designer. I have worked as a trainer for many years and also had to work as an instructional designer for the past 10 years. I am hoping to get as much information on instructional design as possible. This appears to be a site that will introduce me to many new ideas.

Play in the workplace has a perception problem. Let’s fix that.

As an instructor I find it a great way to engage and invigorate a class by teaching through game play. I find that people are eager to learn in different ways. Instead of being lectured to I find people learn as they are part of their learning. incorporating play in learning fits in the motivational models and theories. I am excited to follow other Instructional Designers and learn ore about incorporating play in the learning solutions I will be designing.

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