Self learning Observations of Learning Theory and Instruction

When I started this class I would have stated that my learning style was a mixture of behaviorism and cognitive processing. As I have gone through this class, I learn think my learning is a true blend depending on the information I am learning. I think that as an adult educator I connect with constructivist, social and connectivism. When a dear friend was struggling with stage 4 cancer, I found myself networking to find out as much information I could to see where she was in treatment. I wanted to be as informed as possible to help with her family as much as possible. I also volunteered with my dog as a pet therapy team and worked specifically in the cancer center. So I find that my learning depends on my motivation to the information I want to get.

I also think that social learning plays a big part in my learning. I find working with groups that I learn easier and can contribute to the learning with others. I feel that when we work in groups it is when others are speaking it triggers information for me to contribute. I often think that when working with others that “two heads are better than one”. As an older learner I also think that it helps to have others to work with.

Technology has definitely changed the way we all learn. I know that I can find all kinds of information from online sources, live web-casts, gamification, eLearning. Technology plays a huge role in my learning. I find it hard to learn simply by reading information that has actually been a struggle I have had my entire life. When I learn, I have to relate the information to my own situations in order for it to stick. Technology plays a role here so I can hear, and see information.

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