Discussion in Online Learning Frustrating or Not?

Online learning is relatively new form of learning. While in learning online, instructors rely heavily on discussion boards in order to assess if students “learn”. Many studies have been conducted in the aspect of frustration with online learning and feeling connected with the classes (Cheng, X. et al; 2016). Personally, I have found I have learned quite a bit from writing discussion answers and communicating with my fellow students. I am new to online learning as I originally graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 1984. This has been quite a learning curve for me to effectively write discussion posts.

For this discussion, research and review three resources discuss the findings. You will also be responsible for finding the resources. The studies must be peer reviewed and cited in the discussion.

While answering the questions please consider the following questions:

  • What type of learning leads to more frustration?
  • Is there a generational aspect of frustration?
  • Is there a natural blend of learning that lead to less frustration?
  • Reflect how you feel about online learning.

Students will be graded on their use of the resources and the formatting of the discussion. Discussion posts will be posted by Wednesday of the week this is due. Students will return throughout the week to read the other students comments and discuss their findings. It is important that the comments encourage further discussion.


Xusen, C., Xueyin, W., Jianqing, H., & Zarifis, A. (2016). An Experimental Study of Satisfaction Response: Evaluation of Online Collaborative Learning. International

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